4330M Low Alloy Steel

4330M is a low alloy high strength steel melted as AOD + VAR.  It has added vanadium which improves impact strength as well as hardenability.  It's high strength and excellent fatigue strength lends itself to demanding aerospace applications similar to 4340 and 300M.

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Specs USAP Produces to:
  • AMS 6411
  • AMS 6427
  • MIL-S-8699
  • Airesearch EMS-96242
  • Bendix CE-0906
  • Boeing BMS 7-122
  • Boeing BMS 7-27
  • General Dynamics FMS-1012
  • Northrop Grumman GM-1010
  • AMS STD 2154

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Product Forms Sold:

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Industry / Trade Names
  • UNS K23080
  • 4330M
  • 4330 Modified
  • 4330V
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
Melt Types
Grade Families
  • Low Alloy Steels

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